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29 May 2012, 14:04# 1

Hi, we are an italian Bada developers team.
We are promoting our Chat For Facebook 2.0 app for bada devices and you can download it on Samsung Store.
The application is currently running for the bay App Race and Power in order to promote this application developers have run a contest where the winner will receive a beautifulSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android pre-installed.

The app has many features, including:

Managing multiple profiles
Selection of favorite contacts with whom to chat
Search Bar
Display Mode horizontal (landscape)
audio notifications

You can download the app from Samsung store ... 0003656630

Participate in the contest is very simple.
When you download it insert your e-mail to participate to the contest, and you will see Top Ten Top rated e-mail (under entry form)
If more friends download the app and put the same e-mail that one, will be voted and it will rise on the top!
Today the most votes email has 8 friends who voted for him / her.

Details are inside the app that everytime it is opened
shows the ranking, the first time the email asks.

The expiration date is June 30! Download it now and help us win the Bada Power App Race!

Gracias  

Para dar las gracias debes entrar o registrarte en el foro

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